Saturday, March 30, 2013

A blast from the past....

Anyone remember the blow-pens from years ago? Maybe you can still buy them, not really sure, but they were a lot of fun and I got mine out to make a card for the Outlawz Clean and Simple Challenge. The theme was "Cleaning Out" which means making projects with items you have stashed and probably forgotten about. 

I brought out three things: 1) the blow-pens. Mine are about 15 years old and still had ink in them, however.............the ink came out in blobs instead of a fine spray, so I may toss them although they are fine to write with, so I guess I won't toss them after all. It took me a little while to figure out how to put the pens together to use. The older I get, the more complicated things become. Funny how that is!!

Item 2) Mulberry paper. Years ago I went crazy over this stuff and bought it in several different colors. Some people may think of it as rice paper but I think rice paper is a little thinner. Mulberry paper is fun to work with. First, you wet the edges. I use an old toothbrush because it gets the paper wet from both sides. I just discovered this as I usually would use a paintbrush, but just as I was going to pick up the brush, I caught sight of the toothbrush. It worked perfectly. When the paper edges are wet, you just gently pull apart with your fingers to expose a raggedy edge.

And 3) my focal image....... I love taking pictures of my flowers that I grow outside. This Siberian iris is from a few years back. I actually had it enlarged and framed because I looooooooooove purple!

The mulberry paper is mounted on white cardstock.

Here's my card!

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