Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Simply Betty Stamps Ribbon Hop

First time I have ever done a ribbon swap. And I have to tell you, it was wonderful!!! If you don't already belong to the Simply Betty Facebook Fan Page, you really should think about joining. There are swaps, free images every month, special images for different occasions, and we just have a lot of fun and support chatting about anything and everything!!

For the ribbon swap, we were partnered up with a participating member and were supposed to send out a package around July 1st to our partner with a maximum of $25 worth of ribbon. We were also given an image from Betty called Ribbon Rita. Then we could use the image to make a card or whatever we wanted with the image.

Well, my partner was none other than Betty Roberts herself. She is the Betty in Simply Betty Stamps. Oh my goodness!! Did I ever get the best partner or what?  Wait til you see what all she sent me!!

This first picture is the closeup of Ribbon Rita that Betty colored in. I love that she put a princess tiara on it!!

This next picture is of the beautiful box that she decorated for me and has the Ribbon Rita on the top. How could I have been this lucky? I love this box and it will be with me forever and ever. Seriously, when I move to a nursing home, it will come with me!!! However, I hope that won't be for awhile! Hahaha

Inside my beautiful box, was an array of pink ribbon, some pink rhinestones, and twine. She must have known that pink is my favorite stamping color.  I also got some Ghirardelli chocolate and Hershey kisses. As if I wasn't already in heaven with all the ribbon and that gorgeous box.

And then I also got a clear tin of ribbon that was so packed, I have no idea how long it took her to pack it all in there so perfectly. There is Christmas and Halloween ribbon and oh, my gosh, so much ribbon that I am never going to run out.

Here's a picture of everything I got!  (Whoops! The kitty is mine.....not a gift from Betty!)

Here's a picture of the tin that was packed just perfectly full of ribbon! Have no idea how she did that!

And here are the contents all spilled out!! I did good, right??  Thanks, Betty! I love all that you do!!!

I hope you enjoyed looking at all of my new ribbons and trims. Here is the complete blog hop list if you want to see what the other ladies received from their partners!!

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Sheri  http://MammasScrappin.blogspot.com
Stacey  http://AnastasiasArts.blogspot.com
Trudie  http://trudiescakesandcards.blogspot.co.uk/
Heather  http://slightlymadbut.blogspot.com
Elisabete http://thebalcavages.blogspot.com
Michelle K.  http://www.inkandsew.blogspot.com.au/
Maria  http://pinxinx.blogspot.com
Kay http://kaym74.blogspot.com
Anita  www.kardmakingheaven.blogspot.co.uk
Jo  http://joscardsandstuff.blogspot.co.uk/
Katie  http://katiescraftbarn.blogspot.com/
Darcy  http://craftingwithdarcy.blogspot.com/    YOU ARE HERE!!
Trish  http://scrappintillthecowscomehome.blogspot.ca/
Jackie  http://apaperjem.blogspot.com.au/
Emily  http://emilyshroom.blogspot.com.au/
Marie  http://marie97-lotlot.blogspot.com/
Lisa  http://distinctivelmnts.blogspot.com/
Tanja  http://craft-teeinthecity.blogspot.com/
Kathy     http://kathyand3kids.blogspot.com
Summer    http://1craftypainter.blogspot.com
Michelle S.    http://craftyshell.blogspot.com
Dianna  www.diannas-craftyplace.blogspot.com



  1. Oh what a lovely package to arrive! I am sure it made your day. Hope you enjoy crafting with all the items, and when the energy runs low you have some choc to keep you going ;)

  2. So much fun stuff! Love the rhinestone crown on the card. Pretty kitty ;)

  3. I enjoyed reading this. So happy for you. Will try to come back and do the hop later today.

  4. WOW, oh WOW, what awesome gifts.. HEY that Ghirardelli Bar is MINE!!! NO FAIR!!!

  5. Great selection ... Love the box that your received :)

  6. Such a cute post and FABULOUS haul!!

  7. Look at all those trims and a great bucket too!

  8. Thanks everyone! The real thanks goes to my swap partner Betty Roberts! She had me doing the "happy dance" for sure!


  9. Wow Darcy what a great selection you received from Betty! i think you will have lots of fun with that for a very long time!


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